Empowering Your Focus on Clients and Growth

CG Advisor Network helps you eliminate back-office, technology, and investment management burdens so you can spend your time where it really matters: serving your clients and growing your business.

Find out how our plan, platform, and technology solutions come together to support every step of the advisory journey, while offering the freedom of independence.

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Driving Growth, Efficiency, and Profitability with Three Key Pillars


Independent Advisor Solutions

Maintain a light lift and a lightning-fast firm that stays ahead of the curve with our open-architecture tech platform, comprehensive investment solutions, automated marketing capabilities and compliance support.


Next Generation Consulting

Robust business consulting and coaching services help you develop and measure firm-specific KPIs, structure your team, define roles and responsibilities, and ensure you’re using technology as efficiently as possible.


Investment Management

Energize your investment operations and experience greater efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness by leveraging our vast investment resources, deep expertise and high-quality investment management and operations solutions.




Years of Experience


Fiduciary Advisors

Who We Help

Established RIAs

Looking for a strategic partner to help you reach the next level of growth and improve efficiency so you can focus on your clients.

Independent Broker-Dealer Advisors

Looking to provide a customized approach to wealth management while taking advantage of a revenue model that aligns with your value.


Breakaway Advisors

Looking for an independent approach to client ownership along with the ability to create true enterprise value for their business.


Advisors Seeking an Exit

Looking to do so on your own terms while ensuring your clients receive a superior client experience throughout and long after your transition.

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Getting Started with CGAN: Our Transition Process

Realizing your firm's vision and implementing your ideal business model doesn't have to be a monumental obstacle on your journey to true independence. We support you every step of the way with our proven process:

Step 1

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Detailed transition project plan executed by our service team

Step 2

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Coordination of client communication and paperwork

Step 3

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Fulfillment of regulatory documents and disclosures

Step 4

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Business formation, brand development, and office setup

Step 5

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Custodian asset mapping and technology implementation

Learn More About Our Detailed Transition Process

How Can We Best Support You?

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