Investment Management Platform

Comprehensive Investment strategies and portfolio management solutions

Consider this: on average, advisors spend 40% of their time on asset management. But Invesco research indicates that to inspire referrals from clients, advisors need to have 12 meaningful interactions with them per year.

That’s nearly impossible if you’re spending almost half of your time building portfolios.

The solution? Harnessing private client investment solutions from a platform that offers freedom, control and customization.

Are you looking for more customization, control, and freedom?

See how our investment platform can help you achieve just that.

Advisor-Managed Investment Portfolios

  • Driven by your investment philosophy
  • Discretionary managed models with sleeve-level trading
  • Support maintaining and trading existing models
  • Open-architecture investment platform with multi-custodial relationships

Built-in Investment Management Services

  • High-net-worth client strategies utilizing Unified Managed Householding with tax-intelligent implementation
  • Top-down strategic allocations with the flexibility to employ third-party managed models
  • Risk-based asset allocation portfolios, income-focused solutions and cost-effective ETF portfolios

Additional Investment Services

  • Alternative investment offerings, including institutional private equity and hedge fund strategies
  • Comprehensive Investment Committee guidance, including market research, timely commentary and topical white papers
  • Tiered account solutions for efficiency and automation

Putting CGAN’s Life-Centered Approach to Work

Our life-centered approach align clients’ investment dollars with the timeline in which they need them, and reports back in the same format, focusing client attention on strategy rather than performance, helping to:

Alleviate the Pitfalls of the Moderate Portfolio

Set Clear Expectations and Mitigate Emotional Decisions
Align Goals and Money

CGAN’s AdditiOnal Support Pillars

Along with our investment management services, we provide next-gen business consulting and independent advisor solutions to enable your focus on supporting your clients and achieving your growth goals.

Bring your independent firm vision to life with built-in business coaching tools and resources.

Take your firm to the next level

Drive growth and efficiency with innovative technology and dedicated support.

Leverage our solutions