Independent Advisor Solutions

Growth and efficiency through innovative technology and dedicated support.

Portfolio Management Platform

  • Custom consolidated performance reporting with on screen portfolio views
  • Billing and payable solutions, flexible fee calculations and schedule design
  • Trading that is accurate and reliable with scaled household rebalancing and tax efficient trading
  • Flexibility for advisor selected CRM and financial planning software

Transition Support

  • Detailed project plan supported by a dedicated service team
  • Setup with custodian of choice, broker dealer if needed and introductions to resource partners
  • Assistance with client paperwork, preparation, and fulfillment
  • Technology training and demonstrations on critical systems

Compliance Program and Ongoing Support

  • Fulfillment of regulatory requirements and registrations
  • Third party consultant monitoring with required updates
  • Advertising & marketing review
  • E&O insurance

Marketing & Sales Support

  • Branded portal and mobile app with advisor firm name and logo. Clients provided an aggregated view of all financial accounts and information
  • Customizable prospecting campaigns and workflows