Scaling Up Your Advisory Business: Use Automation to Optimize Customer Journeys

For advisors looking to grow and scale their businesses, deciding how best to divide and allocate their time can be overwhelming. Striking the right balance between strengthening client relationships, portfolio/asset management, handling back-office operational tasks and prospecting new business is key, and automation is one way to ease the load.

When it comes to marketing your services, automation lets you send the right messages to the right people at the right time. And it saves you valuable time that can then be spent on activities that help you scale your practice.

Using Data-Driven Insights

A valuable aspect of marketing automation is the wealth of data it gives you. Not only will marketing automation free up your time and streamline your client acquisition process, but it also offers in-depth information about how prospects actually use your collateral, from landing pages to social media. In turn, you can apply those insights to your ongoing marketing efforts, creating an even better client experience throughout the entire customer journey.  

The insights you gather let you classify each of your prospects and clients into segments depending on their behaviors, needs, and goals, for example. This enables you to deliver targeted communication that addresses their specific pain points and aims.

How Could This Work For You?

To give you a closer look at how marketing automation could help optimize your customer journeys, here’s an example:

The Context

Let’s start with a scenario. Someone who fits your ideal client profile is considering more sophisticated financial investment options, but they need professional support. They search “financial advisors near me,” and your website comes up in the search results. They like what they see, and click on your site.

The Journey Begins

Once they land on your website, they do a bit of browsing but aren’t ready to commit just yet, so this particular visit doesn’t end in a conversation. But that’s fine. This is all you need right now, because you can still capture their attention by using retargeting advertisements over the next 30 days.

The First Interaction

During this period, they’re exposed to your retargeting advertisements as they browse online. One of your gated assets in particular,, a guide titled “Investment Tips for High-Income Earners,” catches their attention. It sounds exactly what they’re looking for, so they click on it!

Capturing Contact Information

They can see from the landing page of your guide that it’s going to be valuable to them, so submit their contact information to gain access to it. This is where you can begin to personalize their customer journey with automated email campaigns.


With their contact information collected, your next step is to put them in a custom segment. This allows you to send automated email campaigns that provide them with relevant content and offers based on their interests and needs.

Tracking Behaviors and Interactions

As they engage with your content, you can track their behaviors and interactions. This allows you to keep track of how they’re advancing through the customer journey, closer to actually becoming a client.  

Personal Sales Outreach

At this point, your aim is to turn them from prospect to client, which means direct, personal communication. By using the information you’ve gathered about them, you can tailor your outreach to their specific needs and interests. This is a vital part of delivering the best client experience, with a marketing survey conducted by eMoney sharing that 84% of consumers working with advisors see personalized content as very or extremely important.

Delivering What They Want, When They Want It

To achieve the dream of scaling up, independent advisors need a combination of smart technology and smart strategy. Marketing automation is a valuable example of both of these, giving you the insights and the time you need to give prospects and existing clients the personalized, tailored support that sets your firm apart from the competition.

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