Outsourced COI

As the market environment grows increasingly complex, and organizational resources evolve, advisors are seeking outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) solutions to help balance strategic priorities and day-to-day decision-making based on their distinct investment objectives. We partner with advisors to help them focus on higher level strategic initiatives and client facing activities.

OCIO Benefits

    • Clients value relationships and service far greater than performance yet advisors spend nearly half of their year on Investment Management activities
    • Advisors that use third party models increase the number of new clients 3 ½ times their peers and grow twice the assets.
    • Delegating decisions to the OCIO partner allows advisors to focus on client relationships alleviating many day-to-day tasks (e.g., reporting, investment strategy implementation, rebalancing the portfolio and coordination of services providers).
    • We work directly with advisors and their staff to understand their unique objectives. We develop risk-management strategies based on their clients’ stated objectives while leveraging sophisticated analytics and dynamic portfolio monitoring.
    • Flexibility to outsource on a client-by-client basis offering a customized investment solution.
COI Solutions